The Benefits Of Getting Older…in Terms Of Your Car Insurance

There is an old saying that ‘certain things get better with age’. One of the things that most certainly gets better is your car insurance policy with AXA insurance. If you are the owner of a full license and are over 22, then your policy will improve. There is a very strong chance that you now have a ‘Driving of Other Cars’ extension on your insurance policy.

AXA covers most of our customers (aged over 22 years with a full licence or 25 years old with a full or provisional licence) while driving other people’s cars. This means you can drive someone else’s car and automatically have Third Party cover on it (without being a named driver on the owner’s car insurance), as long as you have been given permission to drive the car.

Here is an example of just how valuable the ‘Driving of Other Cars’ extension could be to you: You are heading away for the weekend with two friends. One of them offers to drive the three of you down the country. Unfortunately over the weekend this friend breaks his arm and isn’t able to drive you all back. But all is not lost – if you have the ‘Driving of Other Cars’ extension on your AXA car insurance policy you could help save the day, hop in your friend’s car and drive you all home – safe in the knowledge that you have Third Party cover.

This cover does not apply to you if you are the owner of the car or if you hired it under a hire purchase agreement. It is easy to check if you are covered or not. Get your insurance cert and scroll down to section 5(b). The various covers that apply to you are listed in this section.

Whilst having “Driving of Other Cars” cover is very good for you, there are areas that are not covered by this policy extension. The extension only applies to private passenger vehicles. That means that you are not covered to drive jeep type vehicles without backseats, vans, vans adapted to carry passengers and car-vans. You have been warned!

Customers that have been with AXA for 3 or more years with comprehensive insurance will be upgraded. The 3rd party “Driving of Other Cars” extension will now be transformed into comprehensive “Driving of Other Cars” cover for free. This offer now means that when you are driving home your friend’s car after a holiday you are covered if you accidently damage their car. This insurance offer is unmatched in Ireland.

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