The Banner Ad Blueprint – Can Put Cash In Your Wallet

In this Googlized world there are other ways to generate revenue aside from AdWords. In some scenarios, AdWords may not be a good fit. Especially with some cost per click costs being more than $10 a click. If average return is 1.5 percent, a $500 per month campaign will get 50 clicks (at a $10 Cost-Per-Click) and a .75% of a customer.

Yahoo…banner advertising is not dead. The banner advertising I am referring to is in the area of placement ads. With the Google content network you can pick and choose where you want your banner ads to be seen.

Taking the time to do the research as to the best sites is a good investment of your time. If you have product dedicated to a target demographic of males, 50 years of age and above, you can use a web site such as Quantcast (.com) and find out where is the best place to advertise. When investigation and study is done better results can be yielded. I do not recommend allowing Google or any other search engine providers to automatically select where your ads can be placed. Using this option will lead to wasting your marketing budget as the SE now has control.

Banner ads present the opportunity for an individual to generate income. A passive income is what many are searching for. AdSense from Google is a good service. This requires one to have a web site wherein these ads can be placed. The ads placed on an AdWords site are not controlled by the site owner. Google places ads relevant to the theme of the web site, and then pays the site owner a portion of every click that is made on the site. Some web masters can buy a website at Template Monster (.com) and have a site ready in just a few hours. With a little promotion via Search Engine Optimization or using social media outlets on a regular basis a following can be built.

There is a new product, the Banner Blue Print which is an awesome product. It is an instructional step by step video class. There are cases where individuals are making a financial killing placing ads on other company’s web sites. Do not worry about the cost as this can be made back in just a few sales. Here are some of the items that are taught on the videos; (1) How to get started making the easiest money of your life as soon as possible, with almost no cost and hardly any actual effort… you can be up and running within the hour, and the profits can last for YEARS. (2) How to get paid over and over again by using banner ads to promote other people’s products… and I’m not talking about the same old affiliate nonsense you always see…(3) Where to get torrents of traffic that’s eager to check out WHATEVER you’re offering… they’ll show you how to focus so tightly that site visitors will almost have to take whatever action you want them to…(4) How to use direct linking to make cash whenever you want it, on demand… sometimes it’s NOT about throwing up a landing page and pre-selling or building a list, sometimes it really is about quick and dirty profits targeting the right markets.

The product is well worth the $77 price tag. You can visit the web site and while you may not make a million dollars through banner ads, they can be a good way to stick a few bucks in the bank. If you do make a million bucks as a result of this column, donations will be gratefully accepted!

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