The Bands Wedding Or The DJ: The Ultimate Question

Live bands grasp the energy of a party a put the focus on fun. When considering the benefits of live bands at a party or wedding, one might raise a question easily answered: Would I rather listen to my CD collection or a live concert? It is undeniable that a live band can match the mood of every party, especially at a wedding; It is their music and the fact that they can analyze the mood and adjust to it is what is appealing about bands wedding for hire. There are many other positives aspects to consider when looking for bands for hire.

Musicians can create an up beat vibe or a tranquil environment for dinners, slow dances, and entrances. They are the ones creating the music and can later it in any way to make it match. They can recognize when the crowd needs a break and can even adjust to a slow crowd who needs a good song. In the case of an embarrassing moment, such as a drunken speech, the band can fill in to redirect the attention to the newlyweds or distract the crowd with a new song.

Bands are familiar with their music style and can change arrangements as they see fit. They can also take requests, which is a luxury absent from live concerts. This gives the guests a sense of acknowledgment and involvement; they remain on the dance floor while waiting for their songs and express more enthusiasm when hearing their request being played.

Band-guest interaction is a key factor to any live performance. You want your guests to feel special and this will do the job. Your guests will spend more time dancing, and less time sitting at their tables.

A band consists of multiple members who can keep each other on task and make sure they are on time. A DJ however, is only one person and carrying all the responsibility. Being late is more expected this way and the quality of the performance can be questioned when it depends on only one person’s taste.

When band members need to take a break, others can take over and hence, there never needs to be a break in the music. When a DJ needs to take a break, the music is played automatically, which is something any CD player can do. Band members are more reliable in this fashion.

It is a simple task to create mixed CDs for any party, which is what a DJ is paid to do. The performance element is, however, the luxury that a band offers, making it well worth the money spent. This adds an extra element of elegance to the party, especially a wedding and gives you more for the money you are spending.

Most importantly, many bands wedding exist that are theme based and can accommodate different conceptual parties. They have a unique sound, which gives any party a character of its own instead of the familiar sounds of music played by DJs. Overall, bands for hire make for an unforgettable party that will be remembered for its unique mood.

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