The “amateur golfer” status as laid down in the “R&A Rules of Golf” is one who plays the game as a non-remunerative. The maximum an amateur can win is 250.00.Under USGA rules the maximum, an amateur can win is $500.00.

Amateurs may play the game on various levels, from playing a round of golf with friends, up to the scratch golfer. A scratch golfer is a golfer who shoots par or better. Unless you are being paid or rewarded to play golf, you will be recognized as an amateur golfer.

To become a good golf player takes years of dedicated practice and determination. The average amateurs score is around 97. However, most amateurs average less than 100 in a 18 hole round.

Learning to play golf. Where do you start? Do you start at a golf driving range or by hitting practice balls in your back yard or garden if you have the area? Alternatively, maybe you could learn by watching a tutorial DVD set at home. With a horde of different DVD and video sets on the market to choose from which one do you choose?

We’ve enjoyed knocking some balls about on the golf range, we need to start looking for the right equipment to suit us. Good quality golf equipment can be very expensive; choosing the wrong equipment that does not suit you can be costly. The choice of equipment available to the golfer is endless and more being added constantly. It’s properly a good idea to seek professional advice on what might be the best equipment for your game.

It can be very intimidating for the amateur golfer who wishes to learn how to play the game of golf. Who doesn’t even know the rules of golf or the game’s terminology? A large part of the enjoyment of learning any new skill or game is analyzing the different aspects required of you.

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