The All-Clad Stainless Set Makes Cooking Easier And Food Tastes Better

Stainless Collection:
With the 18/10 stainless steel surface for best cooking, and the hand polished, mirror finished exterior, the All-Clad stainless set contains the top tools of style and cooking practicality. All-Clad stainless steel delivers the perfect combination of professional cooking performance, as well as providing dishwasher safe cleaning. And the magnetic stainless steel makes the All Clad stainless the very best cookware for induction cooktop stovetops. This line is All-Clad’s best selling pans, and is the cookware that many of the world’s best professional chefs prefer to use in their restaurants.

The stainless steel strainer set from All Clad is the perfect soup strainer set, as it is used in a number of ways when making stock. This set contains 4 chinois strainers of various sizes, which are made of fine woven metal mesh, and are made to remove all solids. You will need a chinois to make smooth soups or bisques. You will also need a couple of sturdy strainers that will remove solids from stocks. By making stocks in a stockpot that has a pasta insert will make removing the larger solids (like a chicken carcass) much safer and easier.

In the All-Clad Copper Core line, the cooking surface of all the pans are stainless steel, just like all of the other All Clad products. The exterior of all the pots and pans is also stainless steel, except for a thin copper band that is visible.

If you want great results and are looking for convenience, a heavy-bottom stainless steel dutch oven is perfect. The All Clad Dutch oven cooks great, with features that allow for easy observation due to the light-colored pot interior. With this particular All Clad pot, clean-up is a breeze. You will love the classic look of these All Clad pots, and the brand is the best there is.

Some of the features of the All-Clad Copper Core Line include 5-ply construction, which has a stainless steel cooking surface that will not react with food, an aluminum layer, a copper core for maximum heat conductivity, another aluminum layer, anda stainless steel exterior. All pots and pans in this line are stick-resistent, have long stay-cool handles, rolled edge rims for dripless pooring, and a limited All Clad lifetime warranty.

For making great soups and stocks, your kitchen should have the best quality stockpots you can afford. Start with one of the All Clad pots that hold about 12 quarts, then start collecting smaller and larger sizes until you have built up a few for any occasion. You will discover, as a rule of thumb, that stockpots priced above $150 will tend to give you the quality needed for creating the best soups. Thin metal stock pots will scorch much faster and are horrible clean. Since most of any soup-making will include a stockpot, you should find the best quality pot there is, the All Clad.

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