The Advantages Of Riding A Bike To Your Workplace

We definitely adore our vehicles. We use them in numerous ways and on numerous occasions for example going to the mall, travelling to a holiday destination and picking up provisions or food in the supermarket. How many of these car journeys are really necessary? And of these journeys, is it possible to make use of alternatives to get to our destinations? Well I say yes!

Economic Reasons For Riding A Bike

Currently where economic decline is at its zenith, most of us are trying to find ways to make a saving. If one is ten kilometers away from his office, then riding a bike might be a good alternative for people who are physically healthy enough to go to work this way. Just think about how much a daily commute can cost you if you go to the workplace by car: you have to pay for the petroleum, car repair fees and possibly have to fork out to park if you work in the city. Riding your bike on the other hand is absolutely free of charge! All you need to have is a bike, proper cycling apparel and one or two other accessories. Any additional pricey accessories can be bought easily from the savings you get from not using your vehicle.

Environmental Motives For Cycling

Generally scientists today concur that the world is struggling with global warming and that we need to do something to curb our contribution to climate change. Carbon emissions are considered one of the principal culprits in the decline of the ozone layer… and globally auto vehicles emit carbon on a large scale. Reducing the use of cars through riding a bike is one way we can help to save our environment.

And if you are not convinced with the issue of global warming, you may want to realize that you are using up the earth’s supply of gas and oil (fossilized fuels) at an fast rate. There are many campaigns regarding the use of alternative energy to reduce our excessive dependence on fossilized fuels. Let us not forget that we possess our own personal energy supply called “The Body”.

Fitness Motives For Cycling

Speaking of the human body, cycling presents an incredible health benefit. If you cycle a minimum of 3 times weekly to the point where your rate of breathing and heart rate increase for 30 minutes or more, you are carrying out the recommended minimum exercise level that health care specialists advise of all of us. Cycling is an effective type of exercise that you can have when you make bike riding your primary means of transport whenever you go to the office.

Riding a bike is a low-impact type of exercise which can be good for toning the muscles, weight loss, reducing blood pressure, alleviating tension, improving cardio health and contributing to a general sense of well-being.

So, there you have the fundamental benefits you can get from cycling. And before I forget, if the reasons above are not enough, cycling can be fun! Take our recommendation and use a bocycle to make the world a better place and also you a healthier individual.

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