The 5 Best Motivational Movies Similar To The Secret

What happens when we die? Am I living up to my true potential? Where did I leave my keys? Sometimes we have questions, and sometimes we need answers. If you’re longing for answers to some of these questions and other more profound questions about our existence, you may have already watched the popular movie “The Secret” by now. The Universe will provide, as long as we put out the right vibes.

Have you seen other movies like The Secret? Were you aware that there are more thought-provoking movies similar to The Secret? You’re probably in a better place because of The Secret; but there’s always more to think about and ponder. So, if that rodent problem you had took care of itself because they got sick of seeing The Secret playing continuously in your DVD player, now is the time to continue your journey and expand your knowledge. So if you’re ready, it’s time to kick it into high gear, and get serious about your self-improvement.

Top Five Movies Like The Secret:

1. Beyond The Secret

Beyond The Secret will not only teach you the Law of Attraction, but it will teach you how to use it. Bob Proctor, who is featured in The Secret, along with some of the world’s leading motivational speakers, will steer you on a path that will help you achieve all your dreams and go deeper into The Secret.

2. The Secret Behind The Secret

Jerry and Esther Hicks give an in depth interview in The Secret Behind The Secret. With the help of Abraham, a non-physical being communicating through them, they explain Abraham’s teachings and powerful insight into the Law of Attraction. When you realize your body is merely a vessel, it frees your mind to succeed.

3. The Compass

The Compass brings together top experts on personal development, presented in a 2-DVD set that will start you on your inner direction. Once you learn the reward for hard work is simply a bonus, your inner compass will freely guide you on your chosen path with ease.

4. The Shift

What is the ego, and how does it get in our way? Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D., is going to explain everything. He is a superstar in the self-development field, and gives seminars all over the world. Dr. Wayne Dyer shows us that living your best can only be accomplished when the ego is in check, and then he shows us how it’s done.

5. Thoughts Become Things

Mike Dooley is a mentor, author, and dreamer. He was interviewed in The Secret, and is an expert on the Law of Attraction, and what the power of visualization can accomplish. In Thoughts Become Things, he will you teach you how to get ahead of the game, instead of always seeming to just squeak by. It’s all about truly living, rather than just going through the motions and getting by.

Many of The Secret movies listed here are available from Netflix, or a quick Google search, and some can even be watched online. Like The Secret, these movies will become staples in your self-improvement arsenal, and can only serve to better you. Why not start watching them now, because with this much inspiration and self-discovery, your life will only get better.

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