Ten Valuable Link Building Strategies

Any owner of a website dedicated to increasing its value, page rank, and monetary income can appreciate the importance of the link building strategies. These goals can be accomplished using the link building strategies. You can be easily side tracked by the overwhelming options available on the internet. Achieving your online victory is the main reason the top ten most informative link building strategies have been laid out below.

Let’s get started!

You should start with submitting to website listings. Your link popularity is boosted plus it will improve your rankings on sites like Yahoo and Google. You can be driving traffic through direct referrals with one way links to your website. There are free and paid directories that you can submit your site to. Using free directories you will have one way links with no strings attached but it can take a really long time for your link to be reviewed. Your website can be listed with a smaller amount of competitive links if you go with a paid directory. You should pick one that is moderately priced and be sure to find their rankings. Your links should be placed on directories such as Yahoo and DMOZ which are trusted directories. A reliable and well known directory can up the ante of your website link but there are millions of web directories out there.

An exchange of links on similar sites can be requested. This can be the step to getting an outgoing link on their site if the site is related to yours and offers no competition. Your site’s value will increase with this.

3) Useful articles and press releases should be written. A useful piece of information to the readers could be a thoughtful and interesting article or press release that you have written. It can then be re-blogged, put on newsletters, and so on. This could lead to more quality linkages to your site and will increase your value.

You should strive towards social book-marking sites. Although people have a tendency to shy away from these it is important for your link building strategies. Your site can be linked to every user in the world and they are not made by unnatural algorithms. Instead your site’s worth is determined by real people that tag you.

Improve your site’s uniqueness and BUY text links from other sites. Making the text links look viable and real is important.

6) Involve yourself in online forums- don’t just comment all in one day instead have an active stream of comments; building your credibility.

7) Another way of creating a stand within the online community and linking back to your site is by writing testimonials and reviews.

8) A simple link building strategy is asking clients and vendors to post links back to your site.

9) Blogs are a gold mine- easy set up and easy work. With this you can post on anything, but understand its about quality not quantity; blog commenting is a great link building strategy as well.

10) Content is the last link building strategy! You can build major traffic on your site with quality content. Other webmasters want to link to something that is useful to their readers and naturally want to link to quality content. You don’t have to go out and build links yourself when you have quality content because they will be built for you.

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