telegram presented an advertising platform and details of its work

The minimum budget for launching an advertising campaign is €2 million, of which €1 million is a deposit.

Telegram will not show advertising messages in the list of chats, personal conversations or groups, Pavel Durov said.
The advertisement will be displayed at the bottom of the feed of the channel marked “Sponsored messages”. The message is limited to 160 characters, it should not contain links to third-party platforms — only to a bot or a Telegram channel.
Ads will appear in public channels that have more than a thousand subscribers. At the same time, they will correspond to the subject of the channel in which they are shown.
While the platform is running in test mode. Telegram promises to share advertising revenue with channel owners as soon as Telegram is able to cover its basic expenses.
Advertising will be moderated — clickbait and unrealistic promises, references to personality and preferences, gambling, drugs, tobacco and alcohol, weapons, spam and more are prohibited.
Payment is made for the number of impressions. The minimum price per thousand impressions is €2, the minimum budget for launching an advertising campaign is €2 million.
At the same time, €1 million is a deposit that will not be returned if the advertiser does not spend €10 million in the last 12 months.
Now advertising in Telegram channels through personal placements costs about 2-3 rubles per impression, or about €30 per 1000 impressions, writes Nikita Likhachev, Director of Strategic Communications at VK. In some cases, “the price tag grows 4-5 times.”

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