In the early years of its existence, the social graph of the Telegram messenger expanded exponentially so that the company could start monetizing it in the future. This moment has finally arrived:

“Starting next year, Telegram will start monetizing,” Pavel Durov wrote. — At the same time, we will remain true to our values and guarantees that we gave in the past. Thanks to the achieved scale, we will be able to monetize Telegram unobtrusively – most users will hardly notice any major changes.”

Important points:

All current Telegram services will remain free. But there will be new features, including paid functionality for business teams and ” users with advanced needs.”

For ordinary users, Telegram will always remain free, of course, because the company needs a resource base on which paid customers will work out budgets.

Another important point: all Telegram services related to messaging will remain ad-free. “We believe that advertising in personal and group chats is unacceptable,” Durov wrote. “Communication between people should not be interrupted by advertising.”

Important changes are coming for the owners of telegram channels, who are already used to making money from advertising, receiving it from customers. Now this will come to an end: “We will offer our own advertising platform for channels, which will provide users with comfort and privacy, and will allow us to cover the costs of servers and traffic,” Durov wrote.

Pavel Durov hopes that monetization “will allow us to remain independent, preserve our values, and offer the world an example of a new type of technology company.”

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