Telegram has added group video calls and screen broadcasting

Other updates include noise reduction settings, animated backgrounds and animations when sending messages.

You can enable video streaming from the camera or images from the screen in the voice chat of any group.
To turn a voice chat into a group video call, any of the participants must turn on the video mode by clicking on the camera icon. It is available to the first 30 participants who have joined, but they plan to increase the limit.
The video can be expanded to full screen, as well as pin the video of any interlocutor — so the camera will not switch to new participants.
You can also turn on the broadcast from the screen-both separately and together with the image from the camera.
Group calls have been optimized for large screens: on the tablet, for example, there is a sidebar with a list of participants and video broadcasts.
And on the computer, the voice chat opens in a separate window. You can share the image of both the entire desktop and a separate program.
The new version has improved noise reduction, which can be disabled in the voice chat settings if necessary.
In addition to group video calls, Telegram has animated backgrounds for chats, animations when sending messages, a menu button for bots, new opportunities for importing stickers, hints about the relevance of data, and others.

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