Telegram has a feature for transferring correspondence from WhatsApp

The new option of the popular Russian messenger is already available to iOS users.

Telegram messenger has introduced a new feature that will allow users to transfer correspondence from WhatsApp and other popular platforms. As the developers noted, the innovation is already available to iOS users.
“Now you can transfer the history of correspondence from other applications to Telegram — for example, from WhatsApp, Line or KakaoTalk,” says the app description in the AppStore.
Also, thanks to the update, Telegram users will be able to completely delete the created groups for all participants, call history and secret chats from the list.
The developers associate the appearance of the chat migration function with the new WhatsApp terms of use. The platform, which is owned by Facebook, has faced heavy criticism after announcing new rules on the use of personal data. The adoption of the new policy was postponed, but there was an outflow of users to other messengers.

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