Tax Consultation For Seniors Government Grants

The U.S. government offers numerous grants and cooperative agreements to nonprofit organizations and small business owners from many of its departments. One particular grant offers funding for nonprofit establishments to offer counseling to seniors to aid with completing their yearly tax returns.

The Internal Revenue Service has allotted $5.1 Million for the 2011 Budgetary Year to aid the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (T.C.E.) Program

The Internal Revenue Service, which functions inside the Treasury Department is approved to enter into contracts with private or non-governmental public nonprofit 501c(3)’s that will give training and practical assistance to volunteers who deliver cost-free tax counseling and aid to senior citizens that are age sixty or older for the submission of their U.S. tax returns.

Grant funding may be applied to reimburse volunteers for incidental expenditures such as travel, meals and other expenditures borne by them in offering tax counseling help at places convenient for the senior citizens.

Through a competitive procedure, suitable applicant organizations and agencies compete for endorsement to become a T.C.E. sponsor. These groups should be a nonprofit organization expert in coordinating volunteer services, with knowledge of the tax completion process.

Competent businesses may acquire funds to provide regional Counseling Programs. Tax return completion assistance is furnished to seniors throughout the customary Federal Income tax submitting period, which is from the 1st of January to the 15th of April each year. On top of that the advising activities needed to ensure that senior-citizen taxpayers receive reliable tax assistance of the highest quality may be performed throughout the year.

The Cooperative Agreement between the IRS and the not for profit organization defines the functions that the program sponsor and IRS will perform, the geographical region involved, the maximum amount of funding offered for reimbursement and administrative purposes as well as other data.

Commencing with the 2011 T.C.E. Program, multi-year grant options are available for not for profit organizations which are qualified and meet the needed standards.

Organizations submitting an application can choose, should they be focused on being considered for a multi-year T.C.E. grant. Consideration is limited to those candidates that meet all eligibility standards.

Acceptance from the Internal Revenue Service of an entity for the T.C.E. program for one year does not necessarily mean that the group will be accepted into the T.C.E. system in following years.

A nonprofit organization which is approved to offer T.C.E. services is responsible for all aspects of operating a T.C.E. System including, but not limited to marketing the program, volunteer recruitment and instruction, Website design and construction and outreach to senior citizens within their region.

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