Tantalise Your Taste Buds At Lebanese Restaurants London

Whoever says that you can only sample true Lebanese food in Lebanon is definitely wrong. With the several Lebanese restaurants London, anyone can get to taste some of the best Lebanese delicacies in London.

Just walk into one of the Lebanese restaurants London and you will get to sample their menus. The good thing is that some of these restaurants post their menus on their website. This will give you a good idea of what they serve

Lebanese restaurants London always try to give you a similar experience of food served in Lebanese homes. Consequently, it is quite popular to see foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, sea food and fish on the menu. What is more, red meat is often substituted with poultry as red meat is not common on the Lebanese menu.

In addition, Lebanese restaurants London prepare their foods with popular Lebanese ingredients in order to give their customers a real taste of the cuisine. Some of the most popular ingredients include garlic and olive oil. However, restaurants that prefer to diversify their food preparation also use ingredients such as sesame seed paste, otherwise known as tahini in Lebanon, pomegranate molasses as well as rose water.

What is more, other Lebanese restaurants prefer a more traditional menu. This means that not only is traditional food served but also traditional methods of serving are used. For instance, you may begin with mezze, which is a Lebanese selection of cold and hot starters.

Casseroles prepared with spices and yoghurt often makes up the main course. Otherwise, you are also likely to get rice served with spiced fish with traces of onion and tahini sauce on the menu. Further still, the main course may include bread served with Musakhan- a Lebanese word for chicken that has been cooked slow.

The dessert, in most cases, contains traces of milk. Furthermore, most people serve it with coffee which is prepared sweet and strong together with cardamom spice. You are also sure to get a taste of Lebanese wine which is normally grown in the Bekaa valley- Lebanon. Almost all restaurants serve the well-liked arak with ice and water.

Some of the Lebanese restaurants London worth visiting include Neo, a few minutes from Farringdon, Abu Ali, which is quite affordable and Al Hamra, which spices up their delicacies with French flavors. Most celebrities frequent Al Sultan. For a sociable and comfortable environment you can visit Al Waha.

To get a chance to sample a diverse menu of Lebanese food, walk into one of the bona fide Uk marriage visa Lebanese restaurants within london. You will definitely be spoilt for choice. Interested? Click the link.

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