Taking Your Company Public: Laws Of Corporate Power

Corporate strategies’ consulting is, in its truest essence, a dirty business. Few understand this tiny, yet elite genre of consulting and even fewer are masters of its concepts. The same principles applied by this select faction of specialist should be applied by CEO’s and company executives in all industries.

First and foremost, executives must understand the idea of power. There are certain unbreakable laws necessary for the ascension of professionals to positions of influence and power within an organization or industry. Here are a few of the concepts applied by serious corporate strategies consultants that are mandatory prerequisites for the rise and maintenance of power in the corporate world.

The individual seeking to take a position of power must possess the ability to customize and facilitate a turn-key solution to transform the fate of a crumbling company. They must have the ability to construct an infrastructure that perpetuates growth and stimulates longevity and stability. Power, in a corporate sense, is purely economic without excuses of any kind that is driven by greed, self assured stamina and the inability to accept anything but a number one position in their specific industry genre.

The ability of an individual to prompt a capable executive group to ‘die hard’ action and a no holds barred mentality is what will save a company from being a statistic. The unrelenting passion to win and the tactical action of this executive to strap the burdens of a company and its employees to his back and take responsibility for all that is to come, good and bad, to absorb the stress, anguish and deprivation of sleep due to mission focus are characteristics of a leader that will step into any company in any situation and deliver them from failure to profitability and growth.

This individual will assimilate into a battle while forcing the war to transfer its current to his terms. He can break through industrial and bureaucratic chaos and capture the essence of the obstacle and create multiple synergetic strategies to inject the corporate growth engine with rocket fuel. An executive primed for corporate power wears a velvet glove over an iron fist and is quiet and calm yet calculating in demeanor. He can step into negotiations composed and cool while simultaneously eying up the jugular of everyone in the room, scanning those present for weakness and chinks in their armor, preparing for psychological attack at the perfect time to press the mission of his agenda that much further adding security to his company.

This individual will not fall for the false lore of friendship from potential competition but will reciprocate like a gentleman to those initiating camaraderie while keeping them at arm’s length and will always release enough rope to allow those around him to hang themselves if it means strengthening his company and position in his industry. The executive who has achieved the art of power will be able to prick the underlying wound of his target to find weakness then step back and watch them self-destruct as it is easier to do this then verbally pointing out the individual on the executive team who is the weakest link.

Most professionals who have mastered the above find themselves in consulting positions and are hated by their client’s employees but loved by the shareholders. If you own a business or are in a senior position at a corporation, try applying some of these characteristics to your daily repertoire and watch the response of those around you. You’ll find that you will naturally fall into a position of power because of the strength that these characteristics hold in the psyche of those around you. You’ll become the problem solver and the ‘go to’ guy who has a reputation for being able to structure any situation so that your company lands on top. Get ready for rapid promotion, real leaders are hard to find and will usually take a bidding war to keep.

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