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If you are trying to grow your company, expand, raise capital or globalize your concept I’m going to give you some insider advice. Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news and I hate to rain on your parade but chances are, if you’re trying to achieve the above and you are doing it yourself you have about a 1% chance of succeeding. You need to hire a full service strategies consultant in order to do this properly as a qualified and full service consultant will evaluate your company and streamline the process with as few bumps in the road as possible.

Now here is the problem, entering into the realm of globalization strategists and pre IPOs is a world of shark infested waters and a sky that is down pouring with razorblades. Stay under water and get eaten alive or come up for air and get bled dry while you’re sliced and diced by the elements. This is not a place for upstarts or armatures. There are consultants who prey on people just like you. They understand your emotional needs, economic ambitions and they know what you want to hear and the psychological criteria to feed the empty spaces in your soul. There are some slick willies out there. So if you are trying to get ahead and understand the realities of failure in going it alone how can you find a consultant that will get you where you need to go with as little headache as possible?

Good question. First of all, be weary of a consultant who is on your side from the beginning of the first conversation. The last thing you want is a happy go lucky consultant that is all smiles and laughs and immediately falls for the picture that you paint for him on your first call. This guy is a chump, he’s nave and chances are he’ll take your retainer fee and 24 months later the only thing you’ll have to show for it is a negative balance on your corporate checking account.

You want a consultant that is, um well, for a lack of a better term…a bastard. You need a hardnosed, arrogant, self centered power player who has developed a sense of confidence so pure that he would tell you to take a hike before he agrees to even look at your business plan to even consider bringing you on. You want a guy that will ask you or should I say “drill you” will questions in a way that makes you feel like you know nothing at all about your company, industry or your position. This breed of consultant, if he takes you on after qualifying you as a legitimate effort will turn your world upside-down and add jet fuel to your growth strategies and fill your company with the highest pedigreed executives in the industry, globalize your concept and not just take you public, but demand action from market makers, securities dealers and investor relations servants because his track record of success and strategic pre IPO picks are so obvious and dripping with success and profitability that these individuals in the market place have no choice but to act on his advice.

This is truly an industry where the nice guy gets eaten alive. When evaluating a globalization, positioning or IPO facilitation consultant everything is based off of track record, contacts and the aura that hovers around the consultant when they are walking into a room to negotiate on your behalf.

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