Mergers And Acquisitions: Will You Survive

What happens when politicians perpetually fail the people of a nation? What happens when lying, steeling, cheating and other grotesque displays of a primitive mind become mainstream with those who have been elected to govern our nation?

The answer is simple, natural law kicks in and the Darwinist notion of Survival Of The Fittest becomes the new reality. Don’t think for a second that your children can’t see it and I f you pay attention you’ll notice it with the crowd around the water cooler and even the racquetball clique. People, smile and goof off less and synergize more. The subconscious, primal survival mentality of our fight or flight ancestors is now dictating our moves as we are once again in survival mode.

Here is what I’m seeing in global commerce. Companies and entrepreneurs that would normally go out of business, claim bankruptcy, lick their wounds and go sell insurance for a living are now seeking synergistic relationships with other like-minded professionals.

Today, I was contacted by three different men: one was a performing and non performing note buyer who made great money but wanted to expand and go public, the second call was from real estate investor who owned around 2.5 million dollars in property, had liquidity and money in the bank but was afraid to do anything until he has a strategy for taking his company public and the third gentleman had a construction background in the luxury home industry and made great money but also had around 3 million dollars in commercial real estate holdings.

Each of them said, “my goal is to go public but I would like to team up with other men just like me so that together we can make a huge success of the public company”. Now obviously that was not verbatim but you get the point.

When I got off the phone, I walked down the hallway from my office to the conference rooms, grabbed some coffee and slowly walked back to my office and then…a moment of Zen, it is time to bring out the merger machine! I immediately got on the phone, called all three clients and within 2 hours had all three of them doing back flips in their living rooms. We took the strengths of each of these men and put them together into an entity that will work.

Don’t give up! Whatever you do, you must never give up. Don’t believe for a second that your Senator or Congressmen is going to do or is even capable of doing anything to improve your position. If they were drowning in a lake you would be the first person they grab and use as a flotation device. Open your eyes and take it all in. Are you fit enough to survive?

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