Take Company Public And Stay Away From Politicians: Like Spiders Spinning Cocoons Around Your Kids

When I turn on the TV I’m bombarded with images of senate hearings, global finance leaders, hedge fund CEOs and of course the do nothing politicians we pay to protect us. And when I see them now, I no longer see them as humans like you and me. They are an entirely separate specie. Worse than vampires they feed off of the existence of you, me and our children.

These power players are nothing more than spiders spinning cocoons around our souls and sucking the life out of us all. Before your children have a chance to choose an occupation, university or spouse, these cancerous imps have already begun to roll your child in a paralyzing cocoon tomb where they will proceed to slowly gnaw away at their very essence.

You and I are to blame because we just sit there and watch the idiot box while it all happens. The same banking institutions that are taking our tax dollars to fund multimillion dollar CEO salaries are the ones we go to in order to cash our weekly paychecks. The same crooked, do nothing politicians that rob us blind and are on the take are the people we vote for to keep in office. Wealth management advisers that we trust to take our money and invest so that we can live a few years after the government is through with us are brokering their fund to Madoff con artists and back stabbers.

We say we want change, we though Obama was it but it’s obvious he’s just another hand puppet whose actions are paid off by special interest groups and big oil imps. If you’re a business owner and are serious about change, take your fate into your own hands. When you are looking for funding, stop using banks and institutional succubi.

Take your company to the people with a private placement memorandum or take your company public on the OTCBB. If you have a good business model, then raise money by allowing the populace to profit off of your process. You’d be shocked how quickly you raise money when you offer opportunity to people who are looking for it.

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