Taking A Company Public: Is Business A Form Of Warfare?

So is business a form of warfare? If it is who are the pawns and who are the kings? Let’s look at the facts and past the 1980s clichs that chant: Greed Is Good and Business Is War as those chanting these phrases are often on the sidelines and not gifted enough to be on the field and playing and have no choice but to live vicariously through those they are jealously watching.

Everyone wants to be a player but in this industry you need a lot more than drive you need connections and capability. By connections I mean global political, global corporate, international finance and more. By capability I mean nerves of steel, the ability to bath in acid and swim with sharks and eat class for breakfast. This is one of the most stressful industries I know of with a burnout rate that is off the charts and any other global consultant that I know has struggled with their demons to stay on the top of their game. Business, by all categorical definition is War.

There are winners, losers, economies rise and economies crumble all because of global commerce. Global commerce as you know is control over the masses by an elite few. The elite are not the government officials as they themselves are pawns in a much larger game that even they don’t understand. Commerce and finance are numbers on a computer screen and fractional reserve lending, the IMF and other organizations at the end of marionette strings to impose the will of the elite on the global populace.

War in the form of economics is ongoing whereas war with guns and the military is to make a statement. Economic warfare is trade sanctions and limiting technology that will enable a developing nation to grow which will disable their industrial capabilities so that instead of a thriving economy they are dependent on the involvement by industrialized nations. With the Bretton Woods Convention in 1944 and the reconstruction of Europe and the doing away with the gold standard the above mentioned Numbers On A Screen are dictated by who holds the most economic collateral to enforce their idea of numbers.

This group of elites has the economic and military power to impose its will and enforce the idea that the numbers that they place on that screen are etched in stone and if those numbers demonstrate a Loan to a developing nation, though no actual empirical capital has been transferred, that developing nation now becomes a willing pawn in the overall game of economic warfare. So there you have it, business is indeed a form of warfare. This industry of global finance serves as the royal court while those around us are forced to play by the rules we invent and enforce.

I’m not saying that this is a good thing, I’m not exactly proud to be part of the problem but this is the awkward reality. I know you’re waiting for a happy ending or an idea that will help create a solution but I don’t have one.

When my firm is brought in as a strategist and alliance facilitator for global rollups, acquisitions, mergers and IPOs we try to create as many jobs as possible but let me ask you, by creating more jobs are we just perpetuating the problem of the masses being controlled by the few?

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