Tactical Paintball Gear Vests – Find The Best One For You

When searching for a scenario paintball vest, you will want to take into consideration 3 important features: durability, design, and fit. A great paintball protection vest will have your needed level of each of these 3 features. Getting one that fits they way you like, has the design you favor, and level of durability you require, is a sure-fire way to guarantee you end up with a tactical paintball gear vest that will keep you happy for months, if not years to come. Now, getting all of the above facets at a price you can afford is the cherry on top.

Durability – If you are a hardcore paintball player, and play on a weekly basis, then you cannot afford to sacrifice durability for a couple extra saved dollars. If you were to get a cheap paintball vest, then be prepared for it to rip or tear within a couple months. Durability is especially an important factor if you go to a lot of multi-day long paintball scenarios. A good durable paintball vest will be both waterproof and rip resistant due to its consistency of high quality materials.

Design – Aside from being durable, a good paintball vest will also be breathable. The material used should at least be able to pass some air through it, and if not, at least have a design that allows cool air to get to where you need it most. Furthermore, a good woodsball vest should have pockets for everything you wish to carry. It should carry all the paint, air, and accessories you desire.

Fit – It should also be designed to fit your upper body, and not restrict your movement. It will fit and feel great to wear, even with all of your gear in it. Most scenario paintball gear vests are sizeable, some more so than others. The good ones are completely sizeable, and will contour your upper body perfectly without choking a limb.

Finding a paintball protection vest that has these three features is a sure way to guarantee you get the perfect woodsball vest for you. Perhaps the most difficult task is finding the above features you need at a price you can afford.

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