Synopsis OF An Episode Of Hit TV Show Frasier

Most everyone in America, knows of the popular 90’s comedy show, Frasier. Also, many people will know that Frasier was a spinoff of the show Cheers. The plot synopsis of the show is that Frasier has since gotten married to his girlfriend from Cheers, had a kid, and then gotten a divorce, also he has moved across the country to Seattle. On the program, Frasier has a job as a radio show host and deals with a myriad of hilarious situations across the many seasons of the show and some of them even have to do with Seattle masonry construction or masonry construction Seattle. Other people on the show include Frasier’s dad Martin, a former police officer who is nothing like Frasier. Also in the group is Frasier’s brother Niles, who is exactly like him including the fact that he has divorced.

On one episode of the show Frasier gets a gift from a person who he has helped on his radio shows in the form of tickets to the Seattle Supersonics game. Niles shows up at his apartment believing that they are going to an opera instead, as they have originally decided to do, and Frasier decides to surprise his dad with the tickets to the game. As they sit at the game the two siblings are hating it while their father is enjoying it. Sitting next to Frasier is a very large and scary looking woman who Frasier is terrified of.

In the next part of the show, Niles is picked to take a half court shot at halftime to win some kind of prize package from the team. Niles, who is absolutely useless at sports, somehow manages to launch the ball towards and basket and make the shot. While shocked at first and humble about it, Niles learns after a while that scoring this half court shot gets him a lot of attention from people like his dad and his dad’s friends and then decides to pretend that he actually knew what he was doing the entire time.

As the show goes on Frasier gets more and more angry as Niles laps up the attention from people who think he made the shot through skill rather than luck. This is enhanced by Niles wearing around some of his clothes that the Supersonics bequeathed to him as part of the prize package, things that he never would wear normally on the show. In the very last moments of the show Frasier challenges Niles to a game of basketball on one of those machines where you shoot the ball into a small hoop a few feet away and they both look equally inept, embarrassing Martin at his favorite bar.

Frasier was one of the most popular shows and characters of the 1990s and was known for its clever writing and brilliant acting by the cast. This particular episode described in the previous paragraphs was in fact one of the most popular episodes ever and this and other episodes are still in syndication on a few different television stations across the country.

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