SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor: Product Review

SVAT Electronics is a very popular company specializing in the security electronics systems. Their forte is wireless solutions without elaborate installation. No wonder that SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor has all these features in it. It is a great monitoring camera that can double up as a good security system too.

The video component of this product is really great. It has a two and half inch LCD display that can deliver top notch pictures with great clarity. The camera too is commensurate with the display and gives great results if used for up to 100m scanning radius; though the specs say it can support up to three hundred meters. The camera also has infra red LEDs for night vision.

On the audio or sound system, you have very god noise detection system. This can be customized to levels that you want based on the general noise levels in your area. Accordingly, you can set up the system to sound the alarm or turn on the LCD display screen when noise exceeds threshold levels.

The unit comes with a bunch of accessories that help you setup the assembly up easily. To mount the camera in a suitable position you get the mounting brackets. To power up the unit, you have AC adapters and cables. All you need to do is locate a good position for the camera, mount it and make the necessary connections.

The LCD monitor that you have is portable and works on wireless technology. That means that you really do not have to bother with cables to connect the camera to the monitor. Once you have the camera set up you can view the pictures anywhere you want in its vicinity.

If you are not comfortable monitoring it on a 2.5 inch screen, you can hook it up to a television or computer set too. If prefer bigger screens, you can view the pictures on bigger screen. If your needs require that you record the videos, that can be done too. The GX5201 monitor can connect to DVD player or VCR record and record your videos too.

Finally, this is a point to multipoint system. So you can have a single monitor getting pictures from multiple cameras. The only challenge you may have with the initial setup would be to tune to the right channel. This operates on the same frequency band as microwave ovens and wireless routers. Just adjust the channel of operation and you should get interference free pictures.

All in all SVAT GX5201 Wireless Portable Video Monitor is a very good product for monitoring requirements. With adjustable alarm triggers and night vision features, it can double up as a great security system too. This is in line with many other products that SVAT Electronics has been manufacturing over the years. A true wireless, plug and play security solution.

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