Supreme Complexity Review – Does This MT4 Expert Advisor Really Work?

The Supreme Complexity software is a newly released expert advisor that takes advantage of a natural occurrence in the Forex currency market that normally occurs more than 80% of the time. Results from the last 10 years and from the most recent live tests prove that this internally programmed system is highly accurate when analyzing the trends of the market.

How Does Supreme Complexity Work?

Basically, the robot is able to detect prices that are unusually high or low for their trading ranges and places a trade to profit when the prices retrace back to their normal ranges before getting out quickly.

This trading method has been used very profitably by professional traders for many years now and has only recently been programmed to work automatically by the owners of Supreme Complexity. It also has algorithms to make money in sideways markets, and this explains why it has historically been able to make regular daily profits.

How Is The Supreme Complexity Expert Advisor Able to Generate Profits Consistently?

Despite the word complexity in its name, this trading tool is actually very easy to understand and simply takes advantage of the volatile nature of certain currency pairs to make money quickly. New traders may of course find it quite confusing at first but should be able to grasp the basics within a day. I was pretty skeptical when I first read the trading rules that this system uses and wondered if it would really work in real life.

Past Performance of Supreme Complexity

As I performed a quick check on the charts of the currency pairs traded by this EA, I found the price patterns retracing back to normal levels occurring almost all the time as described by the owners of this tool and soon got really excited to start using this software to start trading. It is also programmed with highly advanced entry and exit rules that help the bot enter and exit trades very close to the highs and lows of trading ranges.

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