Sunshine Coast Is An Australian Experience Like No Other

One of the most fun filled family vacation destinations is the Sunshine Coast region in Australia. Sunshine Coast offers wonderful sights and activities that they whole family can enjoy. With its great amounts of amusement parks, along with other unique activities, it is a vacation destination that you will want to return to year after year.

There are several things that you must do while in the Sunshine Coast, but perhaps one of the most unique attractions is the Bellingham Maze. This outdoor maze contains lots of incredible activities for both young and old. Travel through a magic waterfall and then venture off to the caf through the rainforest. Explore as you try to find your way to the middle of the incredible hedge maze; the largest of the attractions at Bellingham Maze, which might more accurately have been named Bellingham puzzle adventure. The caf itself is filled with brain teasers and puzzles to play while you are there and some additional ones that you can purchase and take home with you. There are several other mazes at Bellingham as well like one made of tires, another made of rope and a third area consisting of two amazing tile puzzles. There is even a search event where you search for all of the seven dwarfs in Snow Whites cottage. This is a fully interactive event with a lot to do for the whole family.

Another fun place for the whole family is the fun park called Aussie World which contains over 30 different rides and games and is guaranteed fun for the entire family. Aussie World includes mini golf, a super giant Ferris wheel, an octopus ride and an incredibly cool roller coaster. The setting reminds you of being in an old Australian fairground, and although there are plenty of things for the older folks to ride and enjoy there are also many scaled down versions for the littler children in your group. While there be sure to make a stop in at the Ettamogah Pub, one of the most famous bars in the world and Blueys Grill where they serve some delicious grub suitable for the whole family.

The Sunshine Castle is another place that you will not want to miss on your family vacation. It is an enchanting medieval castle that has turrets, towers and a drawbridge to allow you access over the moat. While exploring the castle your children will enjoy their very own treasure hunt and the whole family will get the chance to taste some really yummy sweets. It is the perfect day for the entire family as it is fun and educational all in one.

A visit to Sunshine Coast Queensland is more than just a vacation it is a family adventure.

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