Sunburn – Prevention And Treatment

Summer is perhaps one of the favorite seasons for many people who enjoy outdoor activities; the warm and sunny weather allows a variety of activities to be done in that time. However, before we get carried away into the warm sun of summer, we should take effective measures to protect against sunburn.

Sunburn is indeed a very unpleasant experience for a lot of people, not to mention that it can cause a lot of pain as well as premature aging. Aside from the immediate pain, sunburn can also lead to skin cancer and therefore preventive measures should be implemented before it kills you.

Sunburn Prevention

The easiest way and the most natural way is to wear protective clothing as well as stay in shades more often. Shirt with long sleeves can provide effective cover for your arms, and having a cap or a hat on can helps protect your face and neck, without being too hot to wear.

For areas where you cannot find adequate protection in terms of clothing, then be sure to apply sunscreen. This is a must have for beach goers and outdoor enthusiast, a sunscreen with SPF 15 is usually enough, however if you have a baby with you, make sure you provide the additional protection with SPF-30 sunscreen.

Another thing to consider when buying sunscreen is whether you’re going to be in contact with any water, if the answer is yes, then you’ll need an effective waterproof sunscreen to make sure that your sweat and water does not rinse of the sunscreen. Try to reapply sunscreen every 8 hours or so, as this is the typical period where it wears off.

In situation where you get sunburn, you can find many over the counter products in your local pharmacy that will help ease your pain. Hydro-cortisone cream and calamine lotion can help ease some of your burnt skin, just apply them to the area as you would with a sunscreen. You can also find Aloe Vera to help with your sunburn, as their medicinal properties are excellent remedy for sunburn.

Lastly, it is better to prevent sunburn than to treat a sunburn because it is relatively easy to do so. However in the case of extreme sunburn, you are advised to see your doctor immediately.

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