Summer Fashions – Those Hottest Shorts For The Season

Everybody would like to be fashionable and you are unlikely to make an exception of the rule. However, it could be really hard to keep up with the last trends since they change so fast and unexpectedly. For example, your last year’s clothes could be considered a total piece of garbage this year due to the new “wave of fashion”. Maybe, you think that being trendy is not a hard task? Well then try to answer this question: “How am I supposed to dress myself this summer so I am considered fashionable?” Hmm, it is kind of more difficult than you thought, isn’t it?

But please don’t get depressed just because you could not answer that question. It is really not worth it, especially if you consider the fact that you are not the only one unable to answer! You are by far not the only one! But you are one of the few who were lucky enough to come across this article and learn what clothes should be bought.

Now, let’s go straight to the topic and say what clothes we should wear this summer. Rarely could more certain answer be given: these are the shorts! Yes, you read correctly: shorts! And how about the women, you may ask? Shorts! You may find it hard to believe but shorts are trendy either for guys or girls; either for women or men! We are witnesses of something really rare: same type of clothes is appropriate for the both sexes. Anyway, if you are a little more into fashion, you might know that “shorts” is too generalized and should not be used without giving further explications. Actually, there are plenty of colors and models which you could find a little bit confusing. That’s why it’d be best if we first talked about models and colors for men and then- for women.

Well, let be gentlemen and start with the ladies. What can we say about the shorts which they need to wear? Basically, all women and girls should aim at as short and sexy shorts as possible. However, it is not a 100% valid rule which you are obliged to follow. For example, if you think that too short is not your style or make you feel “naked” and uncomfortable then just don’t choose this sort of shorts. Another solution of the problem is wearing an extremely short pair of shorts but combined with long top. This way, the shorts will actually not be visible and at the same time, you will be one of the trendiest girls out there! And if we shall mention anything about the color, that would be just three words: black, yellow and purple. But still I’d recommend you to choose a color which suits you rather than colors which are considered “fashionable”.

And what can we say about the men’s shorts? Basically, there are two main types according to the length: 3/4 and 7/8. If you think that you have nice and muscles legs which will attract the women’s looks, you should not hesitate to choose the shorter ones (3/4): they will hardly cover your knees which will let women enjoy larger part of your nice legs. But you should not think that the 7/8 shorts are not trendy! Just on the contrary- you will look very well dressed that way also! But I’d advise you to choose them only if you would like to hide a specific part of your legs.

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