Summer Driving Plus Other Travel Tips

You want your summer road trip to be a blast and exhaust all efforts to keep it that way. Before packing up the car, be sure you go through the travel pointers below.

Summer tires should be in place, if not, go get it done. The pressure on a typical tire usually loses one pound of it monthly so do check the tires before leaving. Correct tire inflation is a must if tread separation and blowouts are to be avoided since ideal contact between road and tires is maintained.

Pay attention to the condition of fluids. Never leave without first checking the oil. Vehicle manufacturers list oil recommendations in the owner manual so consult yours. Inspect the radiator particularly its coolant and anti freeze mixture content. A 50 to 50 coolant to water ratio is the ideal for achieving optimized thermal regulation in both summer and wintry weathers.

Give the entire car a front to rear bumper inspection. Bring the car over to a mechanic for inspection of the hoses and belts. Inspect the wiper blades for efficiency keeping in mind that most standard ones only last a year. The battery of a car must be checked and if you find it is older than three years bring it straight to a certified repair shop.

Your car should be equipped with an emergency kit. Flares and flashlights plus jumper cables as well as a first aid kit and a mat to cover clothes can be placed in the trunk. Make sure there are basic repair tools like hatchets or screwdrivers and pliers in your car and remember to pack food and clothing extras and even washer fluid as well as water.

Many are guilty of stuffing the car with almost all the house contents when preparing for a road trip. The best advice is to just bring the necessities. Do you have to bring shampoo when it will be provided by your hotel? Do you really need to bring eight pairs of shorts when you will have access to a washer/dryer?

After you identify the items to bring with you never stack them up so high you cannot see anything anymore. It will be easier to lift the heaviest pieces if they are placed at the center of an SUV or pickup but for the other vehicle contents even them all around the vehicle.

Road accidents are often caused by people driving while half asleep. Make absolutely sure you get a good night’s rest before spending a long time behind the wheel. Be mindful of caffeine, a short term coffee buzz could be followed by a lull. Switch drivers every hour or two if you can and make frequents stop along the way. Understandably annoying tiny bladders actually help keep freeway fatigue dangers low by forcing people to make repeated bathroom stops.

Just think you are exhausted and still driving after hours of even more driving and the kids are not exactly at their best behavior in the back of the car so you finally lose it and road rage takes place. Shake off the anger. No one likes a road hog so do not be one and just let that speeder pass you plus do not tailgate. Highways and freeways would be a lot less dangerous if people just lived in harmony. Hopefully you picked up enough useful tips here for your summer road trip to make it truly memorable.

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