Summer days are here! As the long summer days heat up, Utah air conditioning units turn on. Here are some things you can do to help keep your energy costs down during the summer months ahead.

Most of us know we should change the air filters regularly. Keeping the condenser coils clean is also an important part of maintenance. This task is relatively easy to do.

To clean the coils, all you need is a garden hose. First remove any leaves or debris that has collected over the winter, and then spray off all the dust and dirt using your garden hose. Keeping the coils clean improves their efficiency.

Another possible do-it-yourself job is checking your ducts for leaks. If you have ducts in your attic or in a crawl space, make sure they are sealed with foil backed tape or duct sealant. They should not be sealed with duct tape as it doesn’t hold up well over a long time period.

Make sure all the connections are tight and well sealed. Check for a tight fitting around the vents and registers to make sure there aren’t any holes where they meet the walls, floor or ceiling. After fixing any leaks, make sure all the vents are insulated.

Checking the refrigerant level and adjusting the blower components is best left to the Utah air conditioning experts. They can check the system’s settings to make sure all is in proper working order. Keeping your unit well maintained will ensure best performance.

If your unit is over 10 years old and not working well, it may be time for a new one. When you do get a replacement, buying an Energy Star unit will give you the best energy savings. Your Utah air conditioning contractor can help you select the right one for you.

When purchasing a new unit, remember that bigger is not always better. Frequent on/off cycling will occur if your unit is too large. This will reduce your comfort level and increase stress on the components. The size should be based on your home’s heat gain/loss calculations which your Utah air conditioning contractor can provide you with.

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