Suggestions For Sports Parents Regarding Healthy Eating At Baseball Tournaments

What separates a great baseball athlete from a good one is discipline. Great baseball players know the things that they should and should not do-and they follow them. This is especially true when it comes to foods that they eat. However, this might be easier said than done for amateur baseball players, especially young boys who have monster appetites. And it is even more difficult in baseball tournaments where there are many different restaurants that serve delicious but not really healthy foods.

As the parent, it is your responsibility to help your child eat well at these baseball tournaments. Here are some tips that should help you achieve your goal.

It is important to include a lot of carbohydrates in your son’s diet because carbohydrates give energy which your son needs. This includes foods that are rich in fiber like some fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Although pasta and bread are also rich in carbohydrates, they are not considered as good carbohydrates because they have undergone processes and refinements that take off the nutrients that your son’s body needs.

There are those who believe that the consumption of candy or soda immediately prior to a game is good since it provides an instant boost of energy. But this is not the case. Candy or sodas are likely to adversely affect your son’s performance since they have a large effect on the body’s blood sugar level. So, rather than allowing your son to eat cotton candy and have a soda, he will be better off to consume healthier snacks such as fresh fruit or fruit juices.

In baseball tournaments, there are usually concession stands that sell different kinds of foods. However, most of these stalls sell junk foods like hotdogs, popcorns, cotton candies, and hamburgers. What you can do is to eat with your son at a restaurant that serves healthy and delicious meals before the game. This way, your son will be too full to even notice the enticing junk foods all over the stadium.

In addition, you can pack food for yourself, such as fruit, granola bars, bagels, waffles, yogurt, water or fresh juices, milk and fresh vegetables, so that you will have healthy snacks available as you watch your son in his game.

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