Success In Business Is Underpinned By Marketing Basics.

Marketing basics are essential for good marketing. Marketing is all about letting your potential customers know about your product or service and turning that potential customer into a purchaser.

You cannot expect that the population at large will become your customer. You need to identify the exact type of person who could become your customer and this will help you to market directly to that group. You may become confused if you keep all your ideas in your head. Writing out a marketing plan will ensure you do not forget something important. Ideally, your marketing calendar will show your plans for several months, just like your business plan does.

The process of marketing will happen better if you get your marketing ideas down on paper. Having an overall marketing plan will ensure you have not overlooked some key aspect. Think of marketing as a long-term strategy, and plot your marketing ideas over a reasonable time frame, say twelve months.

Other producers will be marketing to the same customer group. You should know about this, and see what your competitors are saying and doing. Your own marketing messages will need to clearly show the customer why your offering is different and why it is best for them.

Your offering may be best for the customer, not simply if it is cheapest, and remember, only one supplier can be the cheapest. Your offering may be best because you will deliver early in the morning, for example, or for some other benefit that is valued by the customer.

Customers may not care about the technical features of your product. They are buying the product because they believe it will give them something they value. This could be a feeling or some other positive factor.

Customers values and lifestyles change, so you need to continuously evaluate whether you are meeting and exceeding their needs.

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