Structured Settlement Cash Payouts

The quantity of a cash payout on a structured settlement depends largely on the dollar value placed on a claimant’s pain and suffering and terms offered by buyout firms. In a structured settlement, claimants can wait months and years to receive repayment for personal injury caused by motor vehicle accidents, or included in trust funds, or annuities.

By negotiating with a funding agency that provides a lump sum payment for a structured settlement, individuals and families can realize financial freedom and fulfill some lifelong dreams. A lump sum cash payout on structured settlement can replace an annual income for disabled persons, provide money for college, or provide funds to consolidate outstanding debt, such as home and automobile loans or charge card accounts.

In a doubtful financial market, cashing in today on future income could mean the difference between staying financially steady and bankruptcy. Part of a cash payout on structured settlement can be used to purchase more secure, high-yield investment instruments, such as commodities mutual funds, certificates of deposit, or nearly invincible, government-backed U.S. Treasury bills.

Many funding agencies charge as much as 50 cents on the dollar to convert settlements to cash. To assess whether losing up to 50% of future income is a wise choice, claimants should seek advice with a banker, insurance agent, or financial planner.

Claimants should look through on-line funding agencies to obtain multiple free quotes on what it will take to cash in repeated payments before committing to any one agency. Reasonable money management will guarantee that claimants not only receive adequate and equitable compensation, but also that monies will provide a steady, safe income stream for a number of years.

Insurance companies realize that men and women are living longer, more productive lives. For that reason, a cash payout on structured settlement can be a real gamble. Some suggestions for handling lump sum payments include using funds to eliminate debt, especially big-ticket items, such as delinquent back taxes, outstanding medical bills, or student loans. Before taking the plunge to sell structured settlements, recipients need to ask: How much money will be accumulated by waiting on periodic payments? How much indebtedness would a lump sum payment eliminate? In the final analysis the decision to negotiate a cash payout on structured settlement plans is a personal one.

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