Both alcohol and drug addiction are serious illnesses and there are people who do not see it as such. It can lead to major health problems and sometimes death. It sometimes takes a major event to occur in a person’s life to lead to addiction recovery. The general consensus is that a person needs to want to change before they can succeed, but most times it is easier if there is emotional support available to assist them.

Most addictions are usually a compulsive dependence on something, irrespective of what it is. It could be sex, drugs, good or alcohol.

To discover if you are hooked on alcohol or drugs, maybe you should take a look at some of these easy questions. Have you got the urge to use substances or imbibe regularly? Have you been covering this up with the people you live with? Are you untruthful about how regularly you imbibe? Do you get involved with usage more often than you used to do? Once you have used the substance or alcohol, do you feel like a completely different being? Do you integrate with people in a more self-assured and confident manner when you are intoxicated or high? They are a mere handful of things you have to think about if you think that you are maybe addicted to something.

There are numerous ways to find the path to recovery. Some drug users and alcoholics will stay away from the items, but will refrain from doing the work needed to enter recovery. These people understand that to use once again will surely return them straight to that dark hole which is connected with addiction. They are normally very strong characters and are able to prevent themselves from using again, simply by their strength. They always have the desire to take drugs or consume alcohol, and therefore often have feelings of anger and disillusionment because they have to stay away from it.

Then there are alcoholics and drug abusers who are both abstinent and in recovery. They are aware that if they do not maintain abstinence from these substances, they will mess up the quality of life that they’ve found in being sober and off drugs. They hated being an addict and are grateful that they have managed to find a decent life again.

Addicts who do abstain and who are in recovery generally will not use drugs or consume alcohol again, even though they are certain that they will not become addicted again. They, more than often, will turn to outside help or may even seek out people who have experienced the same predicament, who could assist them to stay on the road to recovery. They will also seek qualified counselors to find aid.

The strong desire of your spirit in overcoming addiction is the first small step you will take to addiction recovery. This will definitely be a very rocky road, but it is worth it.

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