The idea of stock trading isn’t exactly true to its name. The term of trading is used to encompass both buying and selling in the stock market. Trading is the basic building block around which the stock market is built.

An investor finds a potential company, invests in that company’s stocks, and then finds the best time to sell the stock. This pattern keeps the stock market running. One doesn’t need to have studied the entire stock market to be able to buy and sell stock; however, a basic knowledge of the stock markets and its trading methods will encourage confidence in one’s trading.

Trading occurs through two methods: on the exchange floor or electronically. The exchange floor is an image that has been seeded into the minds of most people when it comes to the stock market. The trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (or NYSE) has been featured in several movies, TV shows, and other forms as media.

The place where this occurs is called the NYSE (or New York Stock Exchange). It has been represented in many forms of media, like television shows and movies. However, there are some in the stock business that support a movement against the exchange floor method of trading. This movement is supportive of the other method of trading, and the NYSEs rival.

Though it doesn’t involve exciting interactions and images like the exchange floor, NASDAQ’s electronic methods have proven more efficient and speedy. Pension funds, mutual funds, and many other large institutional traders are usually more supportive of the NASDAQ and its electronic trading, compared to the NYSE and the exchange floor.

Even though electronic trading is more efficient, it still necessitates the use of a broker due to an individual investor’s lack of access to electronic markets. A broker will work with investors, with the ultimate goal being the search for the best buyers and sellers associated with a stock trade.

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