Stock Loans And Stock Option Loan: Must Read

There is a lot of confusion about stock and securities backed, non-recourse lending. Here is a case study for three different scenarios of what can be done for ultimate capitalization if one owns stock and wants to monetize without selling their shares.

Client A is in the gaming business based in the Southeast and had problems getting conventional financing to fund their growth. The project was a bid and fulfillment of contract to place gaming machines in new locations recently approved for gaming. The need was $1.2 million and while the company itself could not fund its growth, the owner’s personal portfolio of mostly blue chip stocks got a loan to value of 85% and a rate of 0.75% with a cap at 1.75% for 5 yrs. He has the option to renew for 2 additional 5 year periods.

Client B has substantial real estate holdings both residential and commercial. One of his larger commercial mortgages was getting ready to reset with a large balloon payment due. Not having the money and not being able to refinance with his bank he came to us. The need was $1.4 million and in this case the portfolio consisted of only one stock. That stock was a large cap stock nearly a ‘blue chip’ company that got a loan to value of 82% and a rate of 1.05% with a cap of 2.05% over a period of 3 yrs. He has the option of renewing for 2 additional 3 year periods.

Client C has a company that is ready to go public. They are already on board with an investment bank and their IPO has already been priced and is ready for sale to the underwriting syndicate prior to its listing and trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The company needed a bridge loan as well additional funding to pay the substantial investment banking and stock exchange fees to complete their listing. The need was $1.5 million and we used the Treasury stock of the Company itself that was going to be issued to do a loan at 78% loan to value at a rate of 1.00% and a cap of 2.00% over a period of 3 years. They have the option of renewing for 2 additional 3-year periods.

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