Steps Involved With Relighting A Pipe

If you enjoy a relaxing pipe, then congratulations – you’re participating in a centuries-old pastime that has roots reaching across the world. However, while the pastime has been around for a long, long time, you’ll find that no one has created an effective means of avoiding the need to relight your pipe. Almost every bowl you smoke will require at least one relight, or possibly more. Of course, not all smokers look at relighting as an onerous task; some actually enjoy the process and what it brings to the pastime. If you find that you don’t know how to relight your pipe, then you should take the time to learn. What should you do to relight your pipe? What steps should you follow?

First, make sure that the pipe is actually out. Take an experimental draw or two and exhale. Is there still smoke coming from the bowl? If there is, you might consider simply drawing a few more times to return some life to the dying embers in your tobacco. However, if the pipe has gone out, you’ll need to start the relighting process. If you know how to light your pipe, then relighting it is not so very different and can be accomplished with relative ease.

Make sure that you have your pipe lighter and your tamper handy. The tamper will be used first. Take out the tamper and lightly tamp down the tobacco in the bowl. Be careful that you do not do this hard, as it can ruin your smoking experience. Use a gentle touch and tamp all around the bowl to ensure even packing. Now that you have repacked the tobacco, you can opt to dump the ash, or leave it in. Some smokers prefer to leave the ash in the bowl, rather than discarding it.

Now that the pipe is tamped down sufficiently, you’ll need your lighter. Apply the flame of the lighter just as you did during the original light. Hold the flame just above the tobacco and draw on the pipe. You should see the flame lower and touch the tobacco as you inhale.

The next step is to swirl the flame from your lighter around the bowl, ensuring that all tobacco on the surface is lit. This will help ensure an even light and a smooth smoke. You should continue to inhale as long as required. Once the tobacco is relit, you can continue on with your smoke.

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