Startup Dracula Technologies has created flat batteries for technology-they are printed on a printer and charged by light

Carbon ink is used for printing.

The French company Dracula Technologies has developed a flexible battery, the elements of which are printed on an inkjet printer, reports TechCrunch.
The batteries can be used to power small appliances for the home, they work indoors from artificial or natural light.
The battery is based on carbon materials, not rare or heavy metals. Thanks to the printing, the battery can have any shape. The company does not say how long a single module can run.
The company works with manufacturers of equipment, but through the website you can order a set of six plates for €58.80.
Since its founding in 2011, Dracula Technologies has raised €4.4 million, according to TechCrunch. The company is spending investments to increase capacity and plans to switch to the production of millions of modules per year by 2024.

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