Sports Betting Strategy: Does The Home Court Advantage Exist In The NBA?

The NBA season is a long and strenuous one that can take a lot out of a player. It takes a toll on the body as well as the mind. Leaving Boston after a game at midnight, traveling across country to Denver where you get a couple hours of sleep and then have to play again that night.

It takes a whole team including masseuses, and most importantly; a strong coach to be able to get the players riled up to be able to play at their best for a full nearly hour long game. Taking a look at the win/loss numbers from the past two seasons, it’s pretty clear that the NBA has the best home court advantage, even more so than football or baseball.

When planning your sports betting strategy, keep in mind that the home team wins 59% of the time. Also, it always seems like the game is on a more level playing field when a team is on enemy territory.

Why is this? How come the home team has a stronger advantage over the out of town team? One possible reason is that there are just so many games during the NBA season; there is such little down time between matches and having to travel so much is hard on the players. When it comes down to the NBA player individually, it it really about their own psychology in the game. Being forced to jump on a plane into new territory can have an affect on anyone. They are human beings just like us, so remember this when you are working on a smart sports betting strategy.

The home team is always going to be more comfortable and seemingly has less to worry about than someone who knows he will be going home to his family at the end of the game. Additionally, having your home fans cheer you on rather than booing has to have a positive effect on their spirit and egos. If you’ve ever met, or simply saw an interview with an NBA star, you’ll know these player have some of the biggest egos on the planet.

So, being routed on by 15K people feeds into their egos perfectly and gives these players that extra push he needs to play a stronger defense or hit that foul shot. It’s a lot like Popeye requiring his spinach and Barkley needs his gambling; NBA players have that desire to be worshiped by the crowd they are playing for.

On the other hand, there are other people being affected by the roars of the crowd in an NBA stadium: the referees. As much as the NBA would hate to hear it, NBA officials are swayed by reactions from the crowd. This may be because of the close proximity fans have to the court. If you’re willing to dish out $2,500 for a seat, you can smell what kind of cologne the ref is wearing that night.

So this, coupled with the fact that the refs must make objective choices in a very short period of time, will force them to possibly make calls that might be affected by the cheers or boos of a crowd; just remember this when planning your own sports betting strategy when it comes to placing bets on the home team.

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