Sporting Guns Used During Airsoft Games

If you’ve ever wanted to play grown-up cops and robbers, or pretend to be in the thick of battle, but without risk of true harm, consider the game of Airsoft. This uses Airsoft guns and other equipment to simulate battle or combat in a safe way.

This game started in Japan. If you think about it that makes a lot of sense. In Japan, it’s nearly impossible to get firearms legally. There are so many laws and limitations, firearms are out of the reach of nearly everyone unless you are in the military or armed forces for real.

Still, people love to play with guns and pretend. This is why Airsoft was developed. The game then spread to other East Asian countries, where it is still incredibly popular: China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Airsoft play isn’t limited to these areas, though, of course.

It’s not like paintball, where you shoot each other with little capsules full of paint. The paint in paintball lets you know if you have been hit. In Airsoft, there’s no visible marker of a hit. Unless someone makes a noise or yells because it hurts, you’d never know.

The players are supposed to make up for this by being on the honor system and admitting when they are hit. If you are hit in Airsoft, you are supposed to raise your gun and call out “hit!” Then you go out of play briefly until the medic on your side can revive you and return you to the game. If your weapon is hit, it can be tricker. Rules for handling this situation vary.

If a weapon is hit, generally this acts the same as the player being it. This depends on whether a player has another weapon. If they do they can usually use this secondary weapon.

You can get Airsoft guns powered via electric, gas, or spring loading. Spring guns are usually cheap. If you get one that fires at a high FPS though, you can be looking at an expensive gun.

The AEG, or electric, airsoft gun is battery powered and automatic. These are not all that powerful though. For the most effective play, get the most powerful gun. That would be a gas powered gun. Gasses that are used to power the guns include high pressure air (HPA), carbon dioxide, green or red gas, and propane.

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