Spider leg veins, also known as varicose veins, are enlarged veins, which are often painful. These veins have expanded because the valves inside the veins that regulate the direction of blood flow do not close correctly, allowing the blood to flow backwards within the veins and weakening the walls of the veins. This, in turn, causes swelling and pain in the veins, leading to difficulties in standing for long periods of time and muscle pain. Also, the enlarged veins appear like a dark blue or purple web on the surface of the skin. There are many natural cures to this common medical problem.

Spider veins result from leakage of blood from weakened or damaged arteries. When leg muscles pump blood back to the heart for re-oxygenation and encounter weakened vessels, blood leaks through and pools, forming spider veins. These tiny, dilated blood vessels range in size from .5 to one millimeter in diameter and appear predominately on the legs. Spider veins themselves are not a threat to one’s health; however, they result from conditions that may already be or could become serious. It is for this reason effective spider vein treatment depends on protecting and insuring the integrity of blood vessels inside our body.

Depending on how bad the conditions get a physician may prescribe special socks. These socks called compression stalkings are made of elastic and are designed to constrict the legs and stop excess blood from flowing in to them. Sometimes these socks will have to be worn for the rest of the patient’s life and other times this alone will be enough to stop the problem

Exercise is another form of treatment of varicose vein removal. Low impact exercise such as walking and swimming are ways to improve circulation and improve muscle tone. Also stretching and exercises that improve circulation and maintain a healthy living routine prevent the development of varicose veins in the future. Most people find relief from the pain that varicose veins cause by elevating their feet on a chair, putting a pillow in between their knees at night or laying flat on the floor.

Other factors that cause varicose veins include obesity, the added pressure of pregnancy on the legs, standing for long periods, chronic constipation, and old age.

A new supplement called Venovil, uses natural, herbal remedies to treat spider leg veins. It has been tested in clinical trials and found to be both effective and safe for treatment. Herbal supplements found in Venovil include Diosmin, Hesperidin, Pine Bark extract, and Nattokinase. These natural supplements help prevent blood clots, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, strengthen vein walls and reduce pain. These supplements come only from plants, trees, and herbs, and have been proven to reduce the discomfort and appearance of spider leg veins.

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