Speeding Offences And Their Penalties

The UK has a large quantity of road laws; we have put together a short list of the most frequent traffic offences, shedding light on the details and penalties you can expect for some of the more common driving offences. If you’re a driver on the UKs roads then the likelihood is you have at some point fell on the incorrect side of the law with one of them. Astonishingly most of the UKs drivers are not actually aware of what they are being charged with and why when they are stopped.

Excessive Speed: The actual offence here is defined as ‘Driving on a road exceeding the prescribed speed limit’. This offence carries a 60 fine and three points on your driving licence. The maximum penalty here is 1000 and 6 points on your licence depending on the speed you were doing. If you are caught driving at more than 30 miles above the set limit you can expect a ban.

If caught speeding and you are offered a fixed penalty then you are almost certainly best off in the long run to take this option as the compulsory fine is likely to be less than what any court would inflict. On the other hand if you do decide to contest a speeding fine, then possible reasons consist of; you were simply not speeding, it wasn’t you driving, or that you were driving an exempt means of transport due to emergency.

Failing to stop after an accident: The offence here is being a driver of a mechanically propelled vehicle in the presence of which a road traffic accident occurred where personal injury or damage was caused to another person and or vehicle. Further to this, if you also fail to stop after injuring an animal not in the vehicle or properties on or near the road and fail to stop then you break the above law. Penalties, understandably for these offences can be severe, with 6 months in prison and or a fine not exceeding 5000 likely. However If you can satisfy the Court that you were unaware that an accident had occurred this may be a defence to the charge.

Motorway speeding: if you are caught exceeding the national speed limit in the UK on a motorway then the maximum penalty is a fine of 2500 and six driving licence points. If you a caught in excess of 100mph then the probably outcome is a ban coupled with the fine.

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