Specialize In Number Of Fields After Accounting Degree!

There are always students deciding to enter accounting. Once they start though, they find it’s packed with all manner of specialties and titles, many of them quite attractive. That said, what’s a good place for them to figure out what direction to take? One answer is to start as an Accredited Business Accountant. Both on campus and online college degree programs can help with this.

A business accountant specializes in the needs of small-to-mid-size businesses and in financial services to individuals and families. In some states the word “accountant” is not permitted by non-state certified accountants, so they use the term “adviser” or general accountants. If you need more information about distance learning phd, look on the internet.

Even so, to earn any sort of accreditation, one must get the approval of the Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation. They developed the eight-hour Comprehensive Examination for Accreditation in Accounting. The test checks a graduate’s capability in financial accounting, reporting, statement preparation, taxation, business consulting services, law and ethics. He must also have a minimum of three years experience in the field. Two years of education, i.e., an Associate’s degree, either online or on campus, can fill in for those two years of experience.

According to a 2007 salary survey conducted by Robert Half International, a staffing services firm specializing in accounting and finance, general accountants and internal auditors with up to one year of experience earn between $31,500 and $48,250 a year. Those with 1-3 years of experience earned between $36,000 and $60,000. Senior accountants and auditors earned between $43,250 and $79,250, managers between $51,250 and $101,500, and directors of accounting and internal auditing between $68,000 and $208,000. The variation in salaries reflects differences in size of firm, location, level of education, and professional credentials.

The Federal Government also hires a large number of accountants for its various departments. The annual salary for junior accountants was $28,862 in 2007. Those who get their Masters degree first with two years pro experience begin at $43,731. Salaries are slightly higher in selected geographic areas. Accountants employed by the Federal Government in supervisory and managerial positions averaged $78,665 a year in 2007. There is an abundance of information about accounting degree on the web.

High-level senior accountants may receive additional benefits, such as a company car and an expense account. Wage and salary accountants usually receive standard benefits, including health/medical insurance, life insurance, a 401(k) plan, and paid annual leave.

The best way for business accountants to advance is two-fold. The first is to gain experience on the job. The other is to further one’s education, such as going on for a Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Finance or even a Masters degrees. It’s also not uncommon for accredited business accountants to become CPA’s, Certified Internal Auditors or Management Accountants.

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