A ot of people define spa etiquette as passing each spa client their undivided attention, demonstrating genuine hospitality and care and doing each spa treatment meticulously and properly. Spa etiquette also includes heartily greeting each client as they arrive in to the spa, explaining each service and process and using hygienic utensils during the treatment.

For a spa’s etiquette to be regarded great, it should convey complete ambience with extraordinary guest service. A classic illustration would include adding candles, lavender scents and others to make a tranquil ambience. The spa must have locker rooms so the clients will be sure that their particulars are secured. The spa must also provide water, juice, tea or other beverages to make the clients feel at ease.

As for a spa client’s etiquette, much is also required of you. First, you have to be punctual. You must make it on time or early for your appointment to relish your spa experience and not be hurried. You must also let the therapist to do a service as reserved and timed and give her a feedback as to what is your comfortable position and what are your problem areas. You should keep your voice modest and speak in hushed tones for the welfare of other spa goers and you should share public space respectfully with other spa goers.

Mostly, children are not permitted to run around in a spa. But if you have to, then you must not allow your child unsupervised in a spa as it is very disquieting and disruptive to other spa goers. You must also honor the room you are in. Do not litter or mess up the room as it will be utilized by another spa client after you.

Also, give an fair feedback to the owner and spa therapist so they will know which areas to improve in.

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