South Korea tests drones firing 40-mm grenades

An interesting news came from the South Korean Defense Procurement Program Agency (DAPA). The agency said that in 2022 they will test a drone with a grenade launcher on board, which can be controlled at a distance of up to 2 km and capable of carrying 40 mm grenades. A kind of AGS-40 grenade launcher with screws.
The drone will be equipped with a two-axis suspension with a recoil shock absorber, which will stabilize the drone after firing. Thanks to the sensors installed on board(optics, greenhouse, laser rangefinder), the drone operator will be able to release six 40-mm grenades at intervals of 2 seconds.
The second drone is smaller in size and will be designed for reconnaissance. The modular system allows the drone operator to change the target loads depending on the tasks(optician, greenhouse, loudspeaker,laser rangefinder, searchlight, etc.). The drone weighs less than two kilograms.

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