Sorting Your Magic The Gathering Card Collection Takes Just 5 Steps

The Problem

If you have been collecting or playing Magic the Gathering (MTG) cards for any period of time, you’ve probably got plenty of MTG cards in many different places, and have real problems finding them and tracking down your cards!

Over the last couple of years I’ve found a system for selling off spare Magic the Gathering cards and earning some serious cash. This article is an overview of how to effectively sort your Magic the Gathering collection so that you can fully understand and realise what potential you have in your collection.

The Whole Process

This is a highlight of the process you need to follow to properly sort your collection so you can understand what you currently have – this will help you find cards and maximise your understanding of your collection for selling.

1. Find Everything

The simplest, yet most important step – try to find every Magic the Gathering card you have and gather them together in one place where you can sort your collection; I’d suggest a big table if possible. If you have all you collection together in the first instance you wont have to go back and redo any of the steps later on.

2. Sort by Set

Firstly we sort all the cards you have collected into individual Magic the Gathering sets. Go through all your MTG cards and sort these cards into one pile for each Magic the Gathering set – try to keep them in chronological set order as this will make the whole process easier. In other words, make sure that your older card piles are sorted first, and then the sets with the newest cards last. This is probably the longest step, but the most import.

3. Sort by Block

Next group those piles of cards into their respective Blocks. A Block in Magic the Gathering is a collection of Sets, so this step should be quite easy with a list of the Magic the Gathering sets and blocks to hand.

4. Sort by Rarity

Now that you have your piles of MTG cards sorted by set and block, we shall now sort your collection by rarity.

The main reason to do this is so that you can easily find your mythic rares, rares and uncommons, these are your most sought after and precious cards.

5. Sort by Colour

Now you should have a relatively well sorted collection, but to finish off the sorting, you need to sort those piles by colour within their respective rarities. Go through each card pile, and then sort your collection by colour within rarity (so sort all your mythic rares by colour, then your rares by colour etc.). The normal way to sort MTG cards is by the standard Magic the Gathering colour wheel:

– White – Blue – Black – Red – Green – Multicolour – Artifact – Land

You should now have a well sorted collection of Magic the Gathering cards, easy for playing, collecting, deck building, buying and selling – it will now be easy to find anything you want.


A sorted MTG card collection is a joy to own as you can then have more fun with that collection. It can also be a real asset if you decide to sell any of your cards as you can find and value your collection quickly and easily. This really does help you to realise the full potential of your Magic the Gathering cards!

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