Some Interesting Benefits Of Melaleuca

The plant Melaleuca, which is robustly found in Australia, is used to make Tee Tree essential oil. Tee Tree oils and gels are often used as home remedies for various conditions. It is considered an antiseptic and typically used either full strength or diluted as a topical on wounds and other conditions.

Australia has been claimed as the homeland of Tee Tree oil in the market. Prior to the invention of antibiotics, this plant derivative had been a primary source of combating infections and bacteria’s from growing and spreading. Still, today a great number of consumers prefer the use of homeopathic remedies versus traditional medicine when allowed.

Athlete’s foot – This foot fungus affects many and is quite uncomfortable to have. Typically, a red, itchy rash and scaling skin are the symptoms. These symptoms will get worse if not treated and can develop into more severe bacterial infections. Another name for athlete’s foot is ringworm. Ringworm affects many areas of skin. Most often found on toenails, scalp, and groin. Through studies conducted, Tee Tree has been seen to aid in treating the fungal issue by applying it – either in oil or gel form 2 times a day for about a month or more.

Acne – Is mostly noticed when blackheads and red pimples are present in patches of skin. The causes of acne at not completely understood, though more prevalent in adolescent years and menopause. Hormonal imbalance is a known invitation to acne. Advisable to seek medical attention for any health issues prior to treatment. Tee Tree has successfully assisted many patients though this condition. Applying a diluted version of oil to the affected area on a regular basis until conditions disappear is best. This can take a while, though, a more natural approach.

Dandruff – Dry itchy scalp which creates flakes of skin to continually fall. Using Tee Tree oil Shampoo is advised for prevention and treatment.

Seborrheic Dermatitis – This oil, in a diluted form are used to sooth and moisten parts of a body affected with dermatitis. Cradle cap is the term for the type of dermatitis that babies often contact. It is seen on the scalp and is uncomfortable. Ensuring that professional medical assistance in treatment is recommended. The condition is said to be highly hereditary and dry/cold climate can greatly agitate the condition.

It is sometimes easy to confuse dandruff and dermatitis. They have very similar beginning affects to skin. Though, the difference is, dermatitis will create a puffy, red rash along with scaly dry skin patches. Also a very discomforting burning sensation on the skin may arise. Natural avenues to skin conditions have a long history of being used for various treatments.

Yeast Infections – Studies have yet to be seen in relation to the use of this oil for treating yeast infections. There are many accounts in Natural health journals and personal reflections to diluted Melaleuca oil assisting with infections. For the vaginal area, the oil should always be diluted prior to contact.

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