Some Indications You Should Find Out Agoraphobia Treatment

It can be tough to even talk about the possibility that you have an emotional or mental disorder. Many people have diagnosed themselves based on their symptoms and research, but do not seek treatment. Sometimes this is because of money, and other times it is because they fear the stigma that they feel is attached to seeking mental help. But if your symptoms are interfering with you functioning in everyday life, and are causing you to suffer, there is no need to continue enduring your distress. The decision to seek agoraphobia treatment takes courage, but it is a wise one. Below is a bit of information about agoraphobia.

First of all, what is agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is classified alongside other anxiety disorders, though it is often a result of these disorders. Agoraphobic people feel intense fear when they are in an unfamiliar place, a large crowd, or a space that is open to the public. In sever cases, they are afraid to leave their own houses.

What causes agoraphobia?

Disorders such as social anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder can trigger agoraphobia. These disorders cause panic attacks. The panic attacks, which often happen in public places, cause the person who suffers to avoid public places out of a fear of embarrassment or being unable to escape.

Even if you do not have full blown agoraphobia at this point and are generally still able to function in public, it is important to consider the symptoms of anxiety disorder. Because of the way the brain works, untreated symptoms can create automatic reactions that, over time, can worsen and may develop into agoraphobia.

Do you have an intense fear of social situations?

Knowing that this fear is irrational, but being unable to control it.

Do you avoid social situations some of the time because of your fear?

Do you experience physical symptoms of your anxiety?

Having an overriding sense of doom when the circumstances do not call for it.

A full-blown panic attack can include shaking, shortness of breath, hot or cold flashes, tightness in the chest, heart palpitations, and dizziness. Often, the first time they experience a panic attack, a person feels that they are losing their mind or having a heart attack. Because anxiety increases exponentially when the fear of anxiety itself is present, symptoms that are initially minimal can eventually increase into full-blown panic attacks if untreated and reinforced.

Do not feel strange or abnormal if you think you need to seek treatment. Many people all over the world have overcome anxiety disorder and agoraphobia. Especially if your symptoms are hindering your everyday life and functions, seeking agoraphobia treatment is the right thing to do. You can overcome this.

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