Some Good Ways To Store All Those Shoes

If you’re like many, you have more shoes than you know what to do with. Maybe they’re cluttering up the closet floor or sitting in a pile in the corner of the room. What’s needed here is some organization. This can be easy and inexpensive to accomplish.

For me, the best web sites selling products online are the ones that give you access to user reviews of the products offered and the service delivered. Reading some of these comments can give you a good feel as to how something actually works in the real world. And the more opinions available the better the picture. It’s a good feedback system.

Looking for info on ‘over the door shoe rack’ brought in excess of 50,000 responses on one search engine, indicating there’s plenty of these storage racks available. These devices are designed to fit onto a door, freeing up closet floor space for other things. The well-designed units are quite functional but a few things should be considered before purchasing one.

For one thing, you should make sure the rack will fit properly on the door you’ll be using. This means it’s not too wide (which will hamper the door’s operation) or too long (causing it to drag on the floor). If a hanging door-rack impedes the proper opening and closing of the door it’s probably not a good choice. You’ll have to take some measurements.

Pocket size is another factor to consider. The pockets should be large enough to easily accommodate a pair of normal women’s shoes in one single compartment. For men’s shoes, which are typically larger in size, two pockets may be required to store a single pair. This is common.

Another popular option for footgear storage is the stackable shoe rack. These are units that can grow as the numbers of shoes increase. This is accomplished by installing one rack on top of another. This type of storage unit works well in a bedroom corner and is especially useful in the home’s entryway, where shoes have a habit of accumulating. They can make fast work at organizing this area of your home.

Whichever type of shoe rack best suits your requirements, you will find them readily available and quite reasonably priced. A little research on the Internet can provide many options from which to choose. Read the reviews. They can tell you quite a bit.

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