Some Advantages To Having A HotShot In Your Pocket

Scary though the world may seem at times, this isn’t a reason to have to walk around in a constant state of fear for your personal safety. There are things you can do. One of the most effective is to carry a personal defense device such as the HotShot whenever you’re out and about.

Pepper sprays have been around for decades and have become a popular means of protection for those wanting something effective but non-lethal. Police departments have long used some form of this product and many uniformed officers carry a canister on their gun belts. The main ingredient of pepper spray is called capsicum, which is an oleo-resin derived from a species of red hot peppers. Someone who gets sprayed will experience watering, painful eyes to the point of even suffering temporary blindness.

HotShot is the next generation pepper spray. While its effects are similar, it delivers a much more effective (hotter) pepper cloud than its predecessors. It is also more accurate in its delivery pattern. There are other advantages as well.

The device is lightweight and compact. It can be carried in your purse or pocket or stowed in your car’s glove box. It’s small enough to be carried easily in one’s hand, at the ready, when walking through a dim car park or across campus late at night. It’s also convenient to have handy when out jogging.

The complete self-defense system includes the launching module, one hot pepper powder cartridge and two practice cartridges. User instructions, an instructional DVD and practice targets are also included. Practicing the use of the unit is recommended for familiarization before its use is required in an actual emergency situation.

The HotShot sends out a red hot pepper cloud in the face of your assailant. It’s the only product of its type that puts out an instant, visible barrier between you and your attacker. The disabling effect will give you the precious moments you need to escape to safety.

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