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I’ve been involved with more mergers and acquisitions and IPOs than I can even count. I’ve been called many names when I’m getting involved with corporate turnaround consulting but the most common of these terms are: arrogant, cocky and hardheaded. I take these names as a feather in the cap and a notch on the belt because the worst thing that can happen is that a company or board of directors hires a wimp or pushover. Having swagger when walking into a negotiation session or presentation makes all the difference. Refuse to lose and have the contacts to back up your moves.

CEO’s and executives take note…it’s ok to be cocky of you can back it up with performance. My clients love me. The people on the receiving end of my firm’s negotiations hate me (until they hire me on their next project). My hate of losing exceeds my love of winning and I’ll never stop until the clients pull me off of the project or until the transaction is done. This mentality is a must for today’s executive and corporate consultant.

I’m not saying this to impress anyone or to get more business. I’m trying to express to new CEOs of public companies and pre public companies that you have to be fierce. When you step in a room everyone has to feel it. Your presence has to be loathed by some and the epitome of curiosity by others. Keep them guessing.

Demonstrate loyalty to your client and make competitors fear being on the receiving end of your attention and above all, be calculated with your moves and stealthy with your strategy. Don’t speak until you can level the room with what you have to say and understand the reality that for every action there will be a reaction and for every strategic move you make on your clients behalf, there will be countermeasures taken by the opposition.

It’s ok to stay up at night distracted by ideas that will press the throttle peddle on behalf of your client. It’s a forgivable sin to force-feed strategies and alliances to your client that will help them get a competitive edge over their competition. And above all remember this, at the end of the day in global commerce the winning side achieves more than domination but the ability to keep and create jobs and grow through acquisition which creates more jobs and profitability. Arrogance and the refusal to lose is the beginning of this entire process. Get it or get out!

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