Software Vs. Hardware Firewalls

In the world of computers, a firewall is referring to a security barrier set up to block unauthorized users from accessing your networks or computers. These firewalls can be set up on your personal computer and also as a hardware firewall for your network. Both will be needed for efficient security.

The name “firewall” was originally used in reference to a certain type of wall. Firewalls are walls in a building built to prevent a fire from spreading to other areas. This is a parallel to firewalls built to prevent viruses from spreading throughout a network or computer.

A software firewall is one that is installed on your computer. It will help keeps things from accessing your computer when they’re not trusted. An analogy for this is a locked safe with money inside. The locked safe will keep those not authorized from getting in just as a software firewall does with your computer.

On your computer, you can change the firewall settings. It is best to use the recommended settings but they can be changed as needed. Increasing the security can be a great option for parents with young children. Decreasing security is also an option although it is not recommended.

Hardware firewalls are extremely important. It is much different than a software firewall and is just as important. A hardware firewall is not set up on your computer, but is a physical object set up on your internet network. Hardware firewalls are especially needed for networks with multiple systems.

A hardware firewall keeps unauthorized guests from entering your entire network. It is similar to a locked house. While you may have your money in a safe, it is better to have your house locked as well. If there is no firewall for your network, a virus may be able to get in and damage all the systems on your network.

Hardware firewalls are most commonly found as router firewalls. Routers will come with a firewall that needs to be set up in order to protect your wireless network. If you are not familiar with your router firewall, you will definitely want to learn about it.

A computer can be a great asset to your life, but will need proper protection if connected to the internet. Firewalls are there to serve as a barrier between your computer and the rest of the world. Both hardware and software firewalls are needed so you can be sure your computer is secure.

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